It’s hard to imagine ever selling your child. It’s easy to sit in our comfortable western world and shout, “Never!” Yet, I know girls who have been sold, and for their parents it went something like this:

You’re a parent of a number of very hungry children. You’ve tried hard to provide but jobs are scarce and since you’ve been working since you were a child yourself, you have little education. A nicely dressed person comes and offers to take your daughter to the city to get work as a maid. They say she can send money back to you sometimes that you can use to feed the rest of your children. You haven’t been able to feed them a decent meal for a number of days already and the youngest won’t stop crying. The well-dressed person has what seems a huge amount of cash in their hand. What do you do? You look at the hungry faces of the group and it’s hard to remember just the one. You want to believe that the person from the city is honest, you’re not totally sure, but when a solution is presented at least for now to your family’s basic needs, food for today, you take it. You cry when you see your daughter go, but you console yourself then and in days to come by thinking that she will eat much better now, too.

You may never know that your young daughter was taken instead to a red light area, sold like cattle, beaten, drugged, and forced to ‘work.’