We bought a fixer up’er house this year. We’ve done a lot of work (especially my hubby!) on it and a lot of different hands have been involved in the process. It’s a huge job and takes time, but it’s inspiring to see little victories along the way: that wall jibbed, this ceiling painted, that floor finished.

It’s the same way with lives being transformed. The ‘star’ of the show is the woman who is being given opportunity to transform and create the new, but there are many hands involved along the way. Those who gave up their homelands to move the country where the woman lives, those who took the tremendous time and effort to learn the language that she speaks, those who saw the need and created the business for her to work in, those who sat beside her day after day and taught her the skills she needs to succeed giving friendship and counsel along the way, those that spend countless hours marketing and exporting her product, those who willingly sit in the shadows so that that woman can shine.

There are many such ‘hands’ in the businesses that Holding Hope Collection purchases from. Their women are the stars, but this Christmas I want to recognize those who are the heroes in the shadows behind her. People at Village Artisan, Starfish Project, Rahab Ministries, Kiran and Homes of Hope whose names I know: Jane, Dani, Pip, Becca, Tasha, Patricia, Lynnie, Mark.

Thank you for your hard labor and sacrifice! Thanks for believing that the lives of others are worth it and for being humble world changers.

If you know someone who is being the hands in the transformation of the life of others, send them some extra love this Christmas and remember that they need your encouragement year round, too.