The recent earthquakes in Nepal demonstrate quite well what ‘at risk’ means. I have a friend that bizarrely was there during the earthquake and she and her husband are slowly making their way out. They can do this because they have resources and contacts. And I’m so glad.

But there are oh so many who don’t have the luxury of this. They were at risk before because of limited resources and are more highly at risk now, particularly the women and children, because after the earthquake they truly have even MORE of nothing—and very little opportunity to change that. They’re at risk of exploitation and human trafficking through just trying to survive.

The red light district that our family lived in and worked for the change of in Calcutta ALREADY had many girls trafficked from Nepal…….

Nepal is desperate for immediate assistance and we in the First World need to respond appropriately in ways that bring the most help (see linked article about that!). But then they need even more help in the form of long-term opportunity.

The sort of opportunity and community transformation on offer by each of the organizations that we purchase jewellery from in the places that they are: training, long-term opportunity, community support, healthcare, education for their children, etc.

Right now, definitely support the people of Nepal, but then please don’t forget them. Remember that it’s long-term change that makes a long-lasting difference, in Nepal and around the world.

Great ways to get aid to Nepal today (Thanks, Jules!):…/nepal-earthquake-appe…/

Article about what to do to help-a must read!: